Azienda Agricola Sentiero Azzurro
Prevo - Vernazza - Italy
Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre
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Cinque Terre,
the realm of heroic agriculture

Our farm is located in Prevo, a tiny hamlet of Vernazza right in the center of Cinque Terre National Park, along the Blue Path (Sentiero Azzurro), 1,5 km away from Corniglia and 1,3 km from Vernazza. It is the highest and most impressive spot at 208 meters above sea level.

These lands, until our arrival over 15 years ago, had been completely abandoned. A unique natural heritage, collapsed terraces left to decay, ancient cultivars gone wild: a wealth that we wanted to revive.

We cultivate the countryside using a non-confrontational and a collaborative approach, staying true to our values.

Our vision is to leave a sustainable world for future generations.

The Cinque Terre face unprecedented challenges: dwindling natural resources, declining economies, a rapidly changing climate and other threats require that all of us begin to work together to reach common solutions.More than ever before, we must find innovative ways to ensure that the Cinque Terre National Park can continue to live.

This is a time of opportunity. A time to move conservation from the sidelines of global priorities to the center of the world stage because the future of these lands depends on a safe, diverse and protected environment.

Olive Oil Extra Virgin

High Quality

Only products of the highest quality, no concessions to mediocrity.

Fruit and vegetable

Respect for the environment

No treatment with synthetic crop protection products, respecting the ecosystem and biodiversity.

Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre

Zero kilometer

Only local products, zero polluting emissions, energy saving.