Farm Shop

Farm Shop, right along the Blue Path
In halfway between Corniglia and Vernazza

In the Farm Shop you can buy various local products, loose and packaged, to prepare your main meals: fruits and vegetables, pasta and tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, walnut sauces, pesto, with peppers, anchovies in oil, capers and many other specialties of the region.
You will have a selection of products for breakfast with jams, honey and local biscuits, as well as milk from these lands and other delicacies.
You can also enjoy a sweet orange juice, a lemonade or a lemon granita on the spot, or more simply a glass of fresh
treated spring water flavored with mint, lemon or lemon verbena.
Without forgetting the prestigious local wines, the
liqueurs and specialty beers.
SlushesVini - WinesMiele - HoneyBirre - BeersMarmellata - MarmeladePunto vendita diretto - Farm ShopLatte - MilkBiscotti - BiscuitsPomodori pelati - Tomato juicePasta TrofieOlio extra vergine di olivaAcciughe - AnchoviesPestoFrutta e verdura - fruits and vegetablesErbe aromatiche - HerbsFrutta - Fruits

Our mission is to preserve this little village and the nature on which all life depends.