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The perfumes of wine

The Wheel The Perfumes of Wine and the Wheel of Wine Tasting are two of the most successful articles of the Alter-Eno® production, conceived, created and registered by Pierpaolo Paradisi first in 2005 and then in 2023.
They were distributed in New York in 2007 during an international event which saw the participation of companies of the caliber of Poggio Argentiera, in the five best Italian restaurants in Manhattan, including the famous Le Cirque.
Used by Andrea Gori of the Da Burde restaurant in Florence, second Best Sommelier in Europe WSA in 2008 and by various renowned wineries in Veneto, Tuscany and Sardinia.
For Alter-Eno®, creating articles that would otherwise be unobtainable has always been an institutional challenge.
A test of sublime skill that he faced with extraordinary creations.
Who make frivolity a very disciplined art.

Donated exclusively by Alter-Eno® for Azienda Agricola Sentiero Azzurro.
Reproduction, even partial, is strictly prohibited.